Church News

Dear Congregation and Community,

I wish you all good health and hope the Corona Virus passes you by. Following on from a happy and successful Thinking Day and Founders Day Service with the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, we’ve had another truly impressive day with our Boys Brigade.

It is always super to have the young people participating in worship and to have their parents with us as well. These occasions always give us fine opportunity to embrace the 21st Century, and the Church locally and nationally is endeavouring to do just that.

We have super congregations that seek to cater for all parts of the Parish, the Community we serve, i.e. in Scone, St Martins, Stormontfield, Balbeggie and Guildtown.

Now whilst we are not in a state of panic in the Church and while we recognise that in this changeable weather the common cold is a factor in our existence to be coped with, we advocate the washing of hands thoroughly for 20 seconds to cut down on opportunity to catch or pass on the Corona Virus.

Come to think of it, when addressing challenges of the moment, in Scotland we have splendid home grown resources: we have plenty of nutritious vegetables for soup making, fruit both hard and soft to tuck into, cereals, including porridge, to enjoy, milk from the farms, lovely bread, butter, cheese and eggs, juice making and wine making on our doorsteps, not to mention the wonders produced by the many distilleries that add the essence to a hot toddy. Not so long ago, I was asking one of our senior members the secret of his longevity and he mentioned exercise, spinach, blueberries, honey, and a sensible diet. Well, I have to admit to sharing these tastes, especially the honey and blueberries. The blueberries I have long regarded as Youth Berries worth the tucking into.

 I hope this is encouragement towards keeping upbeat because a positive state of mind can be helpful in the varied circumstances of life. One well known publication used to proclaim that laughter is the best medicine; that’s a sweeping statement, as I’ve found some antibiotics to be superb when I’ve needed them but to be able to laugh can be a great gift. In addition to this however, my first guiding light is Faith and Hope and Love. Do I set myself up as the greatest paragon of virtue ever to be known? Not at all; I can be awfully human. But the One in whom I place my Faith and Hope and Love accepts me just as I am and accepts you, just as you are too.

Look out for my next little letter on the Web as I’m thinking of offering short opportunities for worship, prayer, and lighting a candle. It’s the older generations that has set us a marvellous example in commitment and in worship but let us not deny there is much interest in Faith and its practise among the younger generations as well, so an invitation will soon be given to the different opportunities on offer. Let’s face it, we could do a lot worse right now than put up a prayer or two, think a positive thought, do a kindly deed, and light a candle or two for families, neighbours and friends.

Vestry Hour/Office Hour is also on offer to all from 7-8 pm in Scone New Church, Balformo Rd, during March and in the Scone Old Kirk building in Burnside during April; that is in the Vestry House to the right as you enter the Church Grounds. I leave you with a prayer from the Church:

Dear God our Shield and our Defender, be with us and guide us in good practise; guide too and protect my neighbours in this time of health emergency; deliver them from all harm and may your love and care ever grow in your Church and Community, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

A Practical Suggestion:

Please avoid contact with those who are self- isolating.   Avoid physical contact, but maximise virtual contact – email, skype, letters, greetings cards, and try to put together telephone trees or short life online groups, perhaps using Facebook to maintain contact and minimise isolation. Telephone trees are a good way to keep in touch.

In Blessing,


Rev. Maudeen I. MacDougall. – Parish Minister.